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Healthy Snack Policy
It is not necessary to provide snacks for your child’s birthday or other special occasions.  However, if you choose to do so, all snacks must be peanut/tree nut free, purchased commercially, prepackaged and unopened with food ingredients listed on the package.  Please ask your child’s teacher in advance before bringing a snack. 

Below is a brief list of suggested healthy snack items to bring:

Dairy Group:
Greek yogurt – plain or flavored
Tofu, soft or firm
Cottage cheese, cubed or string cheese
Greek frozen yogurt or yogurt pops
Ice cream

Carrots, celery, broccoli
Cauliflower, tomatoes, zucchini or Cucumber
Greek yogurt, dill, ranch or
Hummus dip

Apples – ¼ per child
Pears – ¼ per child
Bananas – 1/3 per child
Oranges-seedless – ¼ per child
Raisins – 1/2 cup per child
Grapes, berries, pineapple – ½ cup per child
Melons – ½ cup per child

Breads/Grains Group:
Muffins (nut free)
Soft whole grain bread sticks or pretzels
Crackers – plain, graham, whole grain,
cheddar, fish, oyster
Melba toast
Rice cakes
½ sandwich – jelly/sun butter
Mini bagels-cream cheese

Donating a book for the classroom instead of a snack is another idea.  We’ll write your child’s name inside the book and parents are welcome to read the book to the classroom to celebrate their child's special day. 

Please always check labels as ingredients can change*
*Items may NOT contain nuts or be made in a facility that uses shared equipment*

We reserve the right if necessary to send inappropriate foods and snacks that do not meet our guidelines back home with your child. 

Examples:  Apples & Sun butter, veggies & hummus dip, fruit & ice cream, bagels & cream cheese, rice cakes & sun butter & raisins

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